Best Summer Bucket List Ideas!

We all have a bucket list. A list of those thrilling things we're going to do - someday.  What better time to start crossing some of those items off than summer? Summer is the perfect time to try something new, and inject a bit of adventure into your life. Whether you've already scribbled down some summer bucket list ideas, or have no idea what you'd like to do, we've got some suggestions! Try one (or all!) of our favorite summer bucket list items. 

Here are our top five favorite bucket list ideas for summer - let us know if you give them a go!

Try the Trapeze

If you thought trapezes were only for the circus, you were wrong! Flying high is now accessible to just about anyone. This is an activity sure to push you out of your comfort zone - in the best way possible, of course! 

There are many places that offer trapeze lessons as a way to have fun and try something new. There are even exercise studios that incorporate trapeze skills to get you in shape. Just Google "Trapeze [your city name]" and you're sure to find plenty of places where you can cross this high-flying adventure off your summer bucket list! 

Work on Your Zen

Summer is a great time to slow down and get zen! You could learn yoga, which is as much a physical exercise as it is spiritual. Some people wonder if the strange poses and postures, the stretches, and the various breathing techniques will help them find inner peace. We think you should give it a try - you just might fall in love with the calming effect yoga has on your mind and body. If you want to truly relax, physically and mentally, then indulge in yoga.

Another way to find your zen this summer is to try meditating in nature. Find a beautiful landscape or a cliff, and meditate there. Try sitting calmly, allowing the air to kiss your skin, and your mind to be truly free - far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Get a Green Thumb 

Another great summer bucket list item you should consider is starting a garden. Summer is a great time to sow some bright and lovely flowers, or plant your own organic fruits and veggies. If you're not ready for that level of commitment, why not start out with an herb garden? You can host one right in your kitchen, and most herbs are fairly low-maintenance.

If you're not ready for herbs, grab a succulent from your local farmer's market. Succulents are nearly impossible to kill, and thrive in heavy sunlight with small amounts of water.  

Go the Distance 

One of the most common bucket list ideas for summer is running a marathon or even better, completing a triathlon. The sense of accomplishment you experience by conquering these physical feats is hard to beat. Not only will you get in great physical shape, you'll also have a huge achievement under your belt. If you've been itching to try a distance race, summer is the perfect time to tackle that bucket list item. 

Road Trip

Our last bucket list idea is a quintessential summer activity - embark on that ever elusive road trip! Most people have that dream route in mind that they'd love to explore - someday. It could be the hills, famed highways, driving down the coast, or exploring national parks. No matter where your travel fantasies take you, choose to follow them this summer with a road trip! 

Have you crossed off any of these summer bucket list ideas already? Do you plan to try any of them? 

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