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  • Heal Dry, Cracked Hands This Winter

    If you aren’t practicing a consistent winter hand care routine, your hands could really be suffering. Think about it! Our hands are practically the most exposed part of our body. Not only do we expose them to the harsh air, but they are often the first to be exposed to hot water and harmful chemicals found in many lotions. Naturally protecting our hands anyway we can during all seasons greatly increases the likelihood of soft hands even in the winter.

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  • Your beauty regimen naturally changes as the seasons change. This means that what your skin craves in the summer is different from what it needs in the winter, which means that the skincare products and routine that you follow change year round. Summer is now a thing of the past, which means that Fall is in full swing. Now is the time when you need to switch up your skin care routine again to make sure that you are giving your skin what it needs as temperatures begin to drop.
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  • Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin

    If you’re like most people, there’s a good chance that you’re always looking for new ways to keep your skin glowing and looking younger. If you’re looking for ingredients that really work, you might want to toss your old skincare products, and give green tea a try! Green tea can be the key to achieving the healthy, blemish-free glowing skin that you crave. Here are some reasons why green tea can be so amazing for your skin – give it a try!
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