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  • Foxbrim's Summer Gift Guide

    Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a thoughtful gift? Whether it’s your cousin’s birthday, you want to surprise your BFF, or you just want treat yourself, we’ve got the perfect summer-inspired gifts!
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  • The Surprising Benefits of Vitamin C

    There are many vitamins that are integral to your health. However, none are quite as important as Vitamin C. It's a vitamin that has a lot of function and importance within the body, especially when it comes to repairing. You've probably heard before that Vitamin C should be a staple of your diet, but you might not know exactly why. Today we're talking about the surprising benefits of vitamin C and how you can change your body for the better by adding it to your diet and skin care routine.

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  • At-Home Summer Beauty Treatments

    Looking your best this summer doesn't have to break the bank. If you want to save some money, it might be time that you learned about the trendiest at-home treatments that you can use on your skin to make it naturally beautiful. These at-home skin treatments are designed to be very effective, and will leave you with spa-like results. The best part is that they require only minimal ingredients and are really affordable. These at home treatments are easy to make, and you can switch up the recipes depending on the ingredients that you have on hand at home.

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