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  • How to Renew Skin with the Oil Cleansing Method

    Watch out soap! There’s a more popular form of cleansing in town - the oil cleansing method! Just like other cleaning agents, oil cleansing removes dirt from the body. While the anti-bacterial components in soap may leave the skin free of dirt and bacteria, the harsh chemicals can worsen your skin’s overall condition. Since cold weather already sucks the moisture from our skin, oil cleansing is the best method to practice during this cold season.

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  • 5 Natural Exfoliants to Prep Skin for Spring

    Other than driving through snow and risking our well-being, the winter has us fearful of the damage it can cause to our skin. The shorter days and harsh, dry air can wreak havoc on our health and overall lifestyle. If you can manage to spend time on your skin every day, you can maintain a healthy, flawless appearance that only gets better as the cold weather disappears. It’s never too early to prep your skin for spring!

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  • DIY Split End Repair in Winter

    The cold weather can be completely unfair to our hair. Fussing with unmanageable locks can leave even the most patient of us wanting to pull our hair out. In the winter, hair becomes brittle, leaving you even more likely to suffer from split ends. Oh joy!

    You don’t necessarily have to schedule a salon appointment to get rid of split ends, so don’t pick up that phone just yet. There are plenty of all-natural DIY winter hair tips that can help protect your hair and rid it of split ends. Believe it or not, your kitchen is one of the best places to look for hair repair!

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