Our Essential Summer Natural Skin and Hair Care Guide

Oh summer…how we love to bask in your sun, listen to your waves crash into the sand and (eek!) figure out how we are going to manage the damage control that comes with your heat and humidity!

Never fear! We have some simple solutions to help keep you looking and feeling amazing during these harsh summer months.

Say Hello to Hydration

Yes, Yes…We have all heard the advice to drink 8 glasses of water per day, but did you know that you actually should be drinking a lot more? Especially during the summer months, staying hydrated is key to helping skin stay radiant and your body energized. Stop right now and take your weight, then divide it by 2. That is how many ounces you really need!

To get hydration naturally from food and drinks, turn to super hydrating fruits such as watermelon, coconut and even veggies like cucumber and green peppers.

Keeping skin hydrated from the outside can take a simple added step in your daily routine. Using a serum morning and night before applying a moisturizer helps to naturally lock in moisture. We suggest our Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which not only helps your skin to take in 1,000 times more water, it also blends Vitamins C & E and natural antioxidants like Green Tea that work to hydrate, freshen and brighten!

Become a Moisturizing Maniac

Just the thought of what the scorching sun and dreaded humidity of summer do to our hair and skin is enough to give us nightmares, but yet we still can’t resist flocking to the beach in summer and sticking our toes right into the sand. After all…what’s a little pleasure without a little pain, right?

Well there are ways to have your cake and eat it too by making moisturizers (both for your hair and skin) your best friend.

Start by tossing that heavy winter cream to the side and, opting for soothing post sun lotions such as our Ocean Mineral Lotion. Soothing, naturally moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter combine with regenerative ocean minerals to keep skin glowing.

As for your hair, changing your daily regimen slightly over the summer months is key to help you retain moisture. An easy way to get more moisture naturally is by washing and blow-drying less frequently. This will help with stopping your scalp from being stripped of it’s natural moisturizers and save your tresses from excess intense heat that they are already getting from the summer sun.

Oils also are a go-to way to de-frizz from humidity. One of our favorite oil treatments at Foxbrim is our 100% Natural Argan Oil Hair Repair. With ingredients like Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Jojoba, you can help create a tight seal for your hair cuticle and help to revitalize dry, damaged ends.

Really Refresh

Hitting the beach and basking in the sun definitely helps to rejuvenate mind and soul, but what about making sure your skin is getting the same feels?

Make sure to have a toner in your arsenal. A super fun tip is to pack your toner into the cooler when you are headed out to the beach. Our Lavender Mist Toner spray is an easy solution to get a quick cool spritz of mist when you want to minimize oil and grease and shrink porosity, and comes in a convenient spray bottle!

Renew and purify skin once a week by slathering your face in mud. Yes, we said mud. An additive free product such as our Dead Sea Mud Mask not only works to save you from summer inducing blackheads and breakouts, it also helps with blood flow to your skin which can even out skin tone. It literally is a detox for you face.

Save Face

We all know that using SPF in the sun is essential, but did you know that you can build up naturally protecting SPF in your skin from food you eat as well? Try putting together a meal heavy in SPF inducing ingredients such as tomatoes, nuts (rich in Vitamin E), berries and citrus packed with Vitamin C.

As summer rolls on, those pesky sun spots seem to creep in. Fight back with a Vitamin C and antioxidant rich lotion. We love how our Vitamin C Lotion works to help strengthen skin and lighten discoloration by working together with Panthenol and MSM.

Lastly, after a long day at the beach, we know it feels good just to stop, drop and hit the pillow, but don’t let yourself forget that night is a key time for working to rejuvenate your skin…and we know all that squinting in the sun didn’t do anyones skin good. Fight those fine lines around your eyes caused from the sun with a potent nighttime eye cream. We happen to be partial to our Ultra Lift Night Cream. Hyaluronic Acid helps to retain moisture, while Vitamin A and Pantenol work to regenerate firm healthy skin.

Have Fun

It seems as though we all count down the days to summer…who doesn’t love a good BBQ or day at the beach? However, summer can take a major toll on your hair and skin. Do yourself a favor and arm yourself with this little guide (print it out, fold it up and pack it in your beach bag!) to help keep you looking selfie ready during all your memory making summer moments!


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