The Many Ways To Use and Benefit From Pure Argan Oil

Ever wonder why Argan Oil is called “liquid gold”? Only found in Morocco, Argan Oil is extracted from the nut of the fruit of Argan trees.

From head to toe this special, nutrient rich oil has an incredible number of uses and benefits for you to explore and should be a staple in your beauty arsenal.


You may have bumped into an Argan Oil hair product or two while lingering in the shampoo aisle at the store, but we want you to know that you can actually use pure Argan Oil to get many of the benefits for your tresses. While Argan Oil is proven to make hair softer, smoother and shinier, it also works miracles to prevent and repair split ends, and even help to prevent hair loss.  Did you also know that you can use Argan Oil to increase the length of time in-between colorings?

We suggest using on your scalp and throughout your entire hair when damp for an all over treatment, and just on ends when dry to help with split ends or frizz.


Now we know what you are thinking…Put oil on my face??!! I’ll break out!…but did you know that Argan Oil actually can help to clear up mild acne? Due to the fact that Argan Oil is not greasy, it works to help provide natural moisture to the skin and balance it out. The anti-oxidants found in Argan Oil will also work to reduce inflammation and even heal skin cells that have been damaged.

Because Argan Oil is made up mostly of fatty acids, it works wonders to help in reducing visible anti-aging. When used on a regular basis, Argan Oil helps to plump and soften the skin while improving elasticity. In turn you get to say goodbye to those wrinkles and farewell to age spots.

Known to hydrate as a moisturizer, utilizing Argan Oil can also be used to soften and heal cracked lips and even help keep them nice and plump!


Pregnant? Have eczema? Have dry, sore or even burned skin? Argan oil comes in handy for almost any skin issue your body can throw at it. This includes helping to fade and heal scars, prevent stretch marks and even aide in moisturizing and smoothing dry flaky skin.

We suggest you use to moisturize right after your shower to retain the optimal amount of water. Just apply direct and massage right in!

Nails, Hands and Feet

When we said Argan Oil can work wonders from head to toe, we meant it! Rub it on dry cuticles and help to strengthen brittle nails, or massage onto your feet to help with cracking and peeling skin. We love to use it right before bed each night!


Choosing the Right Argan Oil

When it comes to finding the right “liquid gold” for you, you really don’t need to look beyond going straight for the pure stuff.

We of course are partial to our Certified Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil. Give it a try and see how it can change your entire skin and hair care routine!

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