Heal Dry, Cracked Hands This Winter

By now the Winter has well been on its way wreaking havoc on our skin…draining moisture we so desperately are trying to lock in. One of the most obnoxious side effects Winter causes to our skin is dry, cracked hands and brittle finger nails. Not only do our digits suffer from intense dryness, but also unsightly cracks and peeling, and can even be in pain.

If you aren’t practicing a consistent winter hand care routine, your hands could really be suffering. Think about it! Our hands are practically the most exposed part of our body. Not only do we expose them to the harsh air, but they are often the first to be exposed to hot water and harmful chemicals found in many lotions. Naturally protecting our hands anyway we can during all seasons greatly increases the likelihood of soft hands even in the winter.

Tips and Tricks for Soft, Smooth Hands

Protecting your hands from the inevitable damage they will be fighting can be easy. There are incredible healing properties in ingredients that nature provides us to help you retain moisture, heal chapped skin and repair brittle nails - despite the bitter cold.

Moisturize Like You Never Have Before…

The one thing that cannot be stressed enough is the importance of moisturizing. You should moisturize several times a day, especially after you lightly dry off from your shower. The hands must not be forgotten. They need to be moisturized heavily during the winter. Thick all natural moisturizers are amazing for the skin.

Wash Your Hands Properly

It is only natural for us to wash our hands frequently throughout the day. While washing our hands is a healthy act, it can also cause our already dry hands to suffer even more. By practicing proper hand washing techniques, you can keep more of the skin’s moisture locked in. It’s wise to decrease the amount of times you wash your hands on a daily basis. You can purchase wipes to help lessen your frequent trips to the sink.

Turn the water warm rather than hot. Then, use a mild all-natural soap to wash your hands clean. When you go to dry your hands pat them lightly. Don’t forget to pop open your favorite moisturizer after every hand wash. Rub the moisturizer into the hands thoroughly. Organic oils are also known for their moisturizing qualities. Argan and castor oils are especially useful in creating soft skin and cuticles. It will help fight rough hands and nails by replenishing the moisture.

Make Pure Oils Work For You

There are many ways your hands and nails can be protected throughout the colder season. Protecting these exposed areas of the body from the brisk air will help keep in the moisture, preventing dry, chapped skin. Organic oils and all natural lotions are excellent products to have on you at all times to further prevent your hands from cracking.

Hit the mall for new winter accessories. Purchase gloves, scarves, hats and anything that will protect the exposed parts of the body while outside. Stay away from abrasive materials to defend the skin from flaking.

Show Your Hands Some Love Before Heading To Bed

Your face isn’t the only part of the body that should be cared for before you hit the sheets. Your hands and nails will need a little TLC too. Massage a copious amount of plant based oil or thick all natural moisturizer on your hands and nails. Cover your hands with cotton gloves while you sleep. Do this as often as necessary until your hands are smooth and healthy again.

Add Moisture to the Air

Purchase a humidifier for the bedroom. It will add moisture to the air in your home. The winter deprives the air of moisture which dries out exposed skin quickly. A humidifier is an easy solution to the lack moisture and will greatly protect the hands from becoming itchy and irritated.

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