5 New Activities to Try This Spring


It is no secret that spring is the time to head out and have some fun. Kids love it, elderly family members rejoice, and the grownups have their own share of fun. The question is what can you get out and do this spring? You could go down the done and dusted route and indulge in the same old activities... or you could try something new! 

If you're ready to get out there and try a new activity, here are a few ideas that you can toy with.

  • One of the most conventional spring activities is a picnic. An excursion is always a great way to welcome this blossoming time of the year. However, you should not head to the same place you always go to. Instead of planning the same old trip you're used to, why not plan a weekend in a new place? Go hiking and biking, hit the trails, and explore your new surroundings. A change in scenery can be very refreshing, and it's worth traveling a few extra miles to explore a new place. spring-picnic
  • One of the most rewarding spring activities is bird watching. If you are not familiar with birding then this may not sound very appealing, but if you head to one of the birding sites local to you and start exploring the most harmless part of our wildlife, you might find you love it. Bird watching is not just great to observe some of our feathered and winged friends, to appreciate nature and to learn new things about our ecology, but also to make some new human friends. People often become friends courtesy of shared interests, and bird watching is a great way to meet others who share an enthusiasm for nature. 
  • This spring, indulge in some meditation. Hit the beach, park, or even your own lawn. Spend some time meditating and it could go a long way in rejuvenating your senses. You can pick the hour before sunrise and meditate for perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes. The hour before sunset is also lovely, but really the best time to meditate is the time that you'll actually do it. spring-meditation
  • Gardening has always been a classic spring activity, but it has become less popular among professionals today. Gardening can be very rewarding as you get to spend some time away from the gadgets, social media distractions and concocted entertainment. There's no better time than Spring to reconnect with nature, and get your hands a little dirty planting something. spring-gardening
  • Volunteer for a cause that you care about. It could be local to your neighborhood, zip code, or city, or it can be a larger cause with a national organization. You can derive a lot of pleasure from doing something so constructive and selfless. Bonus points if you volunteer outside, where you might get some Vitamin D and burn a few calories! 

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